Podium info

Grootte van het beschikbare podium min 2 m² tot max 50 m².

Afmeting één element : 1m x 2m

Hoogte fix 40 cm of variabel instelbaar van 60 cm tot max 90 cm .

Andere hoogte of grootte nodig ,gelieve contact op te nemen met Ludo.

Podium elementen belastbaar tot 750kg , boverlaag : anti-slip.

Dit podium van het bekende "Prolyte StageDex" kan binnen en buiten geplaatst worden.


StageDex staging is among the strongest and most versatilesystems on the market for building temporary demountable stages. StageDex portable stage decking offers a solid solution to a variety of staging needs. The product of long-term practical experience.Versatile applicationStageDex is ideal for all your business functions from conferences, award ceremonies and exhibitions to banquets, product launches and concerts. With StageDex you can create stunning structures and tailor made stage platforms, entertainment stages or dance platforms. Lightweight, strong and tool-lessThe aluminium stage decks offer an efficient and lightweight solution with a high loading capacity. The StageDex staging system is based on an aluminium frame made from a specially extruded profile. The plywood top board is glued to this frame to reduce noise and vibration. StageDex platforms can be transformed quickly and easily, often without the need for tools.